Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Blog and News

Another Saturday at Flashback Gaming in Sevierville, TN, which will be the last there, but will get back to this later.  Started with some Dicemasters, played my standard Storm-Dick deck.  Played Dennis, who played a deck he just threw together on the spot.  Granted he knows more of the ins and outs of the game which is evident by the success of the thrown together deck.

Game 1,  I won, managed to get 10 damage through on round 3 and then just a few more here and there.  Just had to wait until the number of blockers was right to finish him off,  W 20-0.

Game 2, Dennis won.  Firestorm's ability that does an additional damage for each type of die he has fielded, so basically he's doing 1-5 damage a round without attacking.  Nice ability but will have to find something to counter it.  Also, the Dwarf ability completely nerfed my Storm ability.  Basically, the Dwarf can choose a fielded die and make the card as if it were blank per each Dwarf fielded.  Another very nice ability, unless you are facing it.  L 7-2

Game 3, Dennis won. Dwarf didn't hurt this time around but Firestorm was definitely the MVP.  L 6-0

I have found a few cards that will at least lessen the effects if not negate them altogether, Joker Clown Prince and one of the Loki's can't remember but will have it for the next blog post.

Played a game or 2 of the old Star Wars mini game, don't remember the lists but it wasn't close, Dennis beat me bad.

Now onto the big news..... We are moving back to West KY!!  Been in East TN for almost 2 years, and while it was nice and definitely a beautiful area with the Smoky Mountains, its just time to move back home.  We have a few reasons for the move but won't get into them here.

I appreciate all the follows, but keep commenting on the blog. It at least lets me know that someone is actually reading this stuff. LOL.  Next post should have another mini book review, just haven't decided which one to do yet.

Like always, Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!!