Sunday, January 27, 2013

Contest Winner and Loot

Well the contest has come and gone, with Narceron being the winner!!  The way I did the choosing was I took all the subscribers and assigned them a number based on when they became subscribers.  Then went to and got the number.  Easy as that.

Now to see what the loot is.  I contacted Narceron to see what he played, and turns out he did play an army that I had stuff for.  So with out further wait, here's the loot.

All I ask is that you not sell it.  If you cant use it or dont want it then give it away to a new player that's thinking about getting into the game and hobby.

Yes, a bunch of Orks stuff for 40k. Some is 3rd edition stuff but Orks is Orks and free is free.  The new contest will be announced in a few months.

Thanks for reading, spread the word about the blog.  Good Gaming!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well it appears that I got too busy once again to keep posting every Thursday, but oh well.  I will try and keep to posting on Thursdays just not sure if it will be every one.

This week I have something a little different, something that I have been wanting to try for awhile now.  Giving a review of games and RPGs.  This is my first shot at it so bear with me.

This review will be of the newest release for the WuXing: The Ninja Crusade RPGs from ThirdEyeGames.  If you are not familiar with the game or company, I strongly suggest you check them out.

Truth and Lies is the fourth book in the WuXing line.  The others are the WuXing rulebook, Firebrands, and The Land of Seed and Blossom.

Just a quick excerpt form the Truth and Lies book.

Only a thin line exists between truth and lies, both powerful weapons if wielded with finesse and fearlessness. We cut our enemies down with our words, our ideals and our finely sharpened weapons.Never look back and stay true to your creed, no matter the evil you may bring upon others.

This book goes into the background of the Metal aspect clans, which is my main liking of the system.  The world itself is phenomenal.  When I found the system, I was looking for a martial arts RPG and stumbled upon it at Gencon a few years ago when working in the Studio2 booth.

Truth and Lies goes into the regions of the Metal aspect clans to give the world more detail and to learn the inner workings of the Will of Iron and Hidden Strands of Fate clans.  It also introduces new wushus or fighting styles into the game, Silkworm style and Deer style.  And brings 2 new clans into the mix, the Sons of Steel and Veiled Ones.  Not to mention an brand new adventure for the system that will easily meld right into your on going campaign.

If you are looking for a martial arts RPG or just a new game to try out, I highly recommend WuXing.  The background of the land is what really had me hooked after the first few pages and the lats book did the same.


And one last thing, the winner of the contest from the end of last year is......

NARCERON!!  Just hit me up through any means and I will get your prize out to you, based on your current faction/army.

Thanks for stopping by and Good Gaming!!