Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Blog and News

Another Saturday at Flashback Gaming in Sevierville, TN, which will be the last there, but will get back to this later.  Started with some Dicemasters, played my standard Storm-Dick deck.  Played Dennis, who played a deck he just threw together on the spot.  Granted he knows more of the ins and outs of the game which is evident by the success of the thrown together deck.

Game 1,  I won, managed to get 10 damage through on round 3 and then just a few more here and there.  Just had to wait until the number of blockers was right to finish him off,  W 20-0.

Game 2, Dennis won.  Firestorm's ability that does an additional damage for each type of die he has fielded, so basically he's doing 1-5 damage a round without attacking.  Nice ability but will have to find something to counter it.  Also, the Dwarf ability completely nerfed my Storm ability.  Basically, the Dwarf can choose a fielded die and make the card as if it were blank per each Dwarf fielded.  Another very nice ability, unless you are facing it.  L 7-2

Game 3, Dennis won. Dwarf didn't hurt this time around but Firestorm was definitely the MVP.  L 6-0

I have found a few cards that will at least lessen the effects if not negate them altogether, Joker Clown Prince and one of the Loki's can't remember but will have it for the next blog post.

Played a game or 2 of the old Star Wars mini game, don't remember the lists but it wasn't close, Dennis beat me bad.

Now onto the big news..... We are moving back to West KY!!  Been in East TN for almost 2 years, and while it was nice and definitely a beautiful area with the Smoky Mountains, its just time to move back home.  We have a few reasons for the move but won't get into them here.

I appreciate all the follows, but keep commenting on the blog. It at least lets me know that someone is actually reading this stuff. LOL.  Next post should have another mini book review, just haven't decided which one to do yet.

Like always, Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A try at something new...

A new thing that I am going to try and do on the blog is once a month or so I plan on putting up a book review more than likely a novel at least somewhat hobby related, ie Star Wars, D and D, etc.  Luckily, I have a few books that I have already read so there is at least a bank of ready to go reviews.

First off I think I will go with the Star Wars novel of Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn.  I haven't enjoyed a book in a very long time and this was it.  It is what I had always pictured Han and Lando being outside of space, ie on the ground.  Anything you can imagine of Han doing in space, just picture it on land, not flying but smuggling, thieving and breaking and entry.  It was classic.  They assembled their crew, not all goes according to plan and even some dissension among the ranks, but man it was a great read.

I was warned, which I will also pass along to you, DO NOT READ THE LAST PAGE UNTIL YOU GET THERE!!!!  If you do, it will ruin the book, you'll see why once you get there.  But just wait until you get there, it will be worth it.

The first picture is the main cover, the bottom one is the LE cover.  Also, if you plan on purchasing this one, get the one with the 'prequel' in it.  The prequel will give some background information on the group.  It helped with knowing a little more about who is who.

Well, until next time, Have fun and Good Gaming!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Long time ago there was this blog happening....

WOW!! I knew it had been a long time since I had posted but no idea it was over 3 1/2 years. My apologies.  A few huge changes have occurred, none of which I will go into here, but things seem to finally be settling down.  So back to the reason you follow, or at least used to, gaming.


Shameless plug for my FLGS.  They have a wide variety of comic back issues, action figures, board games, X-Wing, MtG, FoW, RPGs, and some old school platform video games.

It had been a few months since the last time I got to go out to the local game store, so I thought that would be as good of any other reason I could think of to start up the blog again.

The first game I played was a quick and easy game of X-wing, I lost which is no big surprise to anyone, but I missed playing and had a good time.  I flew a squad consisting of Night Curse, Soontir Fell, and Boba Fett, I forget which upgrades they had but not matter.   I flew against an Old Crow and 2 new X-wings, also don't remember their upgrades.  It went longer than it probably should have but I wanted to at least get one kill.  And that didn't happen either, LOL.

My next few games were Dicemasters. I really love this game, I don't buy regularly by any means and by far most of my stuff is from the first few sets.  But I truly enjoy this game.  I fielded my standard Storm dickish deck. Or at least that's what my bro Dennis calls it, in jest.  I think I went 2-2, I tried a new tactic in a few of the games, it worked once and not the other 2.  But that's in the details.

Finally, my last hour or so, went to learning Force of Will CCG. I really like it as well, but will take a few more games to get the newness down.  For the most part it is like MtG and several other CCGs, but has enough difference in the cards as far as characters and themes to keep my interest.  I lost to my bro Dennis, who was learning as well but still had fun.  And hopefully will be able to make it to the regular FoW nights at the store, but that is also the same night as X-Wing, so we will see which I play more of.

Well I have probably bored you long enough, so until next time... Have fun and Good Gaming!!