Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hey guys,
Sorry about the last couple of weeks, I have been really busy and just couldn't get around to posting. 

But I have came to the conclusion that I am going to get rid of the majority of my 40k armies, keeping the pieces that I like and that will make a decent sized force if I decide to play again.  This one will probably be a short post, just still pretty busy with the holidays and all.  I wish I could get past the lack of motivation to start painting again.  I have yet to paint anything since I posted about starting back up again.  I think its a 2 fold problem, 1 being the lack of motivation and 2 the hectic schedule of the end of November and most of December.

But come January there will be painting to do.  I am pretty sure that the new Flames of War starter set is coming my way for Christmas along with some Warmachine and Hordes items, possibly even a few Ogre items to flesh out that army.  Time will tell.

But I do hope everyone of you has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Good Gaming!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Hey guys,
  Nothing new to report in terms of hobby, but do have a few things to talk about.  As some of you know, I don't like the new 6th ed rules for 40k.  No biggie, I am not going to hurt GW's sales forecast by not buying anything new.  And I am not going to bash the rules or the game, I have met a lot of good friends due to the game and had lots of fun playing it.

But after much thought and deliberation I am going to give up the game for good.  Now what to do with my armies?? I have a decent sized force of Blood Angels, which was a pretty stout list in 5th, and a nearly huge CSM army which was my first army when I got into the game.  The Blood Angels are definitely leaving either as a sale or as a trade, haven't decided where to post them and what I really want for them.  And a very small starting sized force of Orks. This leaves me with my CSM.  Every time I think about getting rid of them, I get them down to write up the inventory and start remembering past games and all the fun I had playing them which leads to me putting them back up on the shelf until the next time.

So I am at a crossroads, I know I will prolly never play them again but still want to keep them for old times sake.  Which makes no sense, when I could at least get something for them either in trade or $$.  I did manage to thin the ranks of them a little back over the summer when I sold some of things I never used anyway, like 2 Landraiders and the CSM termies (never liked the sculpts and had plans of chaosifying some normal termies).

If I go the $$ route and sell the armies, then what?  I will just end spending the $$ on something prolly bills, and have nothing show for it.  If I go the trade route, then what do I want and really need?  I mean I have a decent sized OK army for Fantasy,  a Menoth, Khador, Legion and Circle armies for WM/H, and it appears that I will be getting the Flames of War starter set for Christmas, so do I try and trade for things to expand those or try to get a new army for Fantasy or even try some new game system (which I don't need much less have the time for or extra $$ to start some system).  Or do I try and get more board games, which do actually get used form time to time via family game nights and at friend's houses.  I just don't know what to do.

And then the way out there scenario, what if when 7th ed comes out, I happen to like those rules?  Do I keep the CSM for that and just start over?  I doubt that I will start over anyway, when I quit something it tends to be for good.  I mean I used to have a complete library of BattleTech books and several 100s of minis, and then things happened and I sold them all.

I don't really know what to do, other than I doubt I will ever play 40k again, but not sure that I want to get rid of my CSM, which are just taking up space.  Any ideas or comments would be helpful.

Don't really know if this is a blog post or actually a vent, if you will.  Not a vent in terms of ranting and raving but just getting a few things out and off my chest.  But whatever it is, at least now I will have possible prizes for the current contest and future ones.

Thanks for reading and don't forget about the contest, the rules are mentioned in a post about the beginning on November.  Also, don't forget to subscribe if you want and post a comment or 3.
Good Gaming!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sorry for the delay, got busy with Thanksgiving and all.  But it doesn't look like I will make this month's hobby challenge.  I got busy painting a few things for Christmas gifts, and making a few Origami projects for my Mom for Christmas.  But I guess I still got some hobby stuff finished.  I will include the link I used for the Origami project.

But unless I am mistaken I will be getting the 3ed of Flames of War starter set for Christmas.  So I have been on a bit of a WW2 kick as of late.  I found a memoir of a 101st Airborne Serviceman from WW2 at my local used bookstore, and have been reading it to no end.  Its not a very big book but very in depth and from personal notes and letters. Its been very interesting and entertaining to say the least.  Also, I have been watching a lot of WW2 stuff on Netflix, just about anything I can find I have watched.  I know my instant que has been growing with new arrivals.  And slowly the que has been shrinking too.

So need less to say, I will be focusing on the FoW minis after Christmas, if I get them. So I guess the Ogres might have to wait a little to get completed.  I really want to get them finished as an army but I just cant get motivated on them at the moment.

Update on the Orcs and Goblins army I mentioned last couple of threads, doesn't look like they will be the next WHFB army for me, the deal apparently has fell through, since I have not heard from the other party in about 3 weeks.  So my Blood Angels army is back on the block if anyone is interested.  I can post a list if there is interest in it.

Well until next time, thanks for stopping by and reading, and  Good Gaming!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well another week is done so another post is here.  Someone mentioned about my con schedule from this past year as a possible topic, so guess what this week's topic is?

Well, this year's schedule was one of the best one's I have had in sometime.  It started with a couple of online only cons via Infrno.  Would strongly suggest you guys check them out and sign up for an account.  Its a great gaming site, with several games going on every night.  Its been growing quite rapidly for the past few years with more upgrades and such on the way.

Infrno has Infrnocon, a few times a year.  Which is pretty easy since its online only.  But I had a great time running a few games of the Mistborn Adventure Game, based on Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy.  All of my games filled up rather quickly, which surprised me since it was online.

After the first Infrnocon, I went to a semi-local con called Forge in Lexington, KY back in May.  Unfortunately Forge will not be back next year, no idea as to why really it was a very good 1st year con, and paid for its self half way through the first day with pre-regs and walk ups.   But oh well.

Then in August was the daddy of them all, Gencon.  Quite possibly the best time a gamer can have by running and working in the booth without even getting to play anything.  Oh by the way, I am a demo guy for CraftyGames.  I will put a link to their site at the end if anyone is interested.  I basically run Mistborn for them along with one other Crafty guy.  Had 3 games this year and all sold out within the first hour of going live.  Was very excited about this when I heard.   The highlight to this year's Gencon for me was getting to meet Brandon Sanderson and getting him to sign all my MB books.  I admit I am a bit of a fanboy of the Mistborn property.  But oh well, it gets me to go to Gencon for free.   Gencon next year will be August 15-18, hope to some of you there.

Next year's tentative schedule is for Gencon again and MAYBE one more con.  But I am really hoping I will get to go to WaaPaca in Wisconsin next year or BITS near Chicago.  But if not it will happen in the future sometime.

Real quick hobby update, finally have everything assembled for this month's challenge.  Now just to get painting.  Most of my painting time will be starting Thanksgiving evening when the wife and girls start their annual Black Friday sale spree.  It usually lasts until sometime late Friday night.  So just means more paint/hobby time for me.

I really need to get cracking on those Ogres and get them finished.   I have a new Fantasy army coming soon...

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment if you want.  One last thing, don't forget about the contest that runs through the end of 2012.

Good Gaming!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A day early this week, just don't think I will be able to get it done tomorrow.  An update on my hobby goal this month, I am hoping to assemble 4 Mounrfang Cavalry, 4 Ironguts, and 4 Ogres.  I am planning on painting the 4 Ironguts to join my other Guts from the Goldtooth tribe.

As soon as I get some pics I will post them.

Also, dont forget about the contest.  I really want to give something away.

Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

First off let me apologize for the long time between posts.  I have been insanely busy for the past few months.  With work and family and the convention schedule, I just haven't had time to blog or have any time for hobby as a whole.  But that has come to an end. I have been looking forward to today for some time now.  I told myself a few weeks ago that Nov 1 would be the return of 7+ Ward Save and here it is.

For this entry, I am not sure about what to talk about, but maybe should just lay out the schedule of blogs in the coming weeks.  From now on I will try and post every Thursday.  I am going to try and keep it hobby related but I may throw in an RPG or MTG blog in from time to time.

Also, I want to run a small contest for you guys. I want to get as many followers as I can, and obviously I need your help with that.  So the plan I have is that at the end of the calendar year whoever has sent the most people to the blog and got them to follow will win something, either hobby related or game related up to you. Just remember I am not sponsored so everything will be out of pocket for me.  So don't go expecting a new army or anything like that ;).  Rules for the contest are as follows, get them to follow the blog and in the comment section have them comment about 2 things, 1) who sent them and 2) a general comment about that entry.  Easy enough, and by the chance we have a tie, then the winner will be the one who has meaningfully commented on the blog.

More to come hobby wise next week, my paint day is back in effect as well, and it will be on Tuesdays and possible Wednesdays too, so will at least have some goals set up for the next entry.

Until next week, Good Gaming!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Ogres for the paint gallery.  This time I finished up my Tyrant/Bruiser, depending on how I am running my forces.  And 10 little bugger Gnoblars. And finished up 1 objective marker for my OK.

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Thanks for stopping by and Good Gaming!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Units Painted!!

Hey guys!
Been a while since I last updated the blog, but work has been busy.  I managed to get a unit of 4 Leadbelchers, another unit of 8 Ogres, and Standard Bearers for both units of Ogres painted.  Also, managed to get a victory in against the Skaven.  Hope to get a battle report up about that soon.  But here's the pics of the newly painted units. 
I must admit I am very pleased with how the standard bearers turned out.  I don't think the Belchers turned out bad either, but I was in a rush to get them finished by the end of the month.
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Good Gaming!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Minor Update

Planning on getting in a couple of games today, 1 against the Lizardmen and another against Skaven.  Also, prolly have a few games of 40k.  Been doing some painting for my monthly challenge over at The Ogre Stronghold.  Almost finished with my next unit of 8 Ogres, just some washes and basing left on them, but just started the standard bearer last night, not sure that he;s going to make it by the end of the month.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Next unit of Ogres

For this month's challenge I am painting another unit of 8 Ogres, and a standard bearer for the previous unit.  Have them all assembled and primed.  Now just to start the painting in the morning.

Thanks for looking and good gaming!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Unit of OK painted and based

Here is my first unit for my Ogre KIngdoms army painted and based up.  I'm not really happy with how the basing turned out, but this unit is finsihed and the basing works.  But overall I am pleased with this unit.

Any and all C&C is welcome, just keep it civil.  I know I am not the best painter, but its something I enjoy.

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Enjoy and good gaming!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Game with the New OK

I had my first game my OK, this weekend.  It didn't end as well as hoped but I learned somethings and had a good time.  It was a 1750 game vs Lizardmen.  The scenario was Blood and Glory.  Basically, everything revolved around one turn of shooting by a Salamander. It shot into my unit with my Firebelly and 8 Ogres which caused them to run due to a failed Leadership roll.  The running unit ran into 2 other units, 1 unit of 8 Ogres and my block of 6 Ironguts with Butcher as general.  And then both of those had to take leadership tests due to the unit running into them and panicking within 12 inches.  Needless to say the other 2 units failed as well and the unit of 8 Ogres ran off the board. But the Butcher unit managed to reform the next round.  Until it was charged by an Ancient Stegodon.  And rather than standing and taking the punishment, I decided to flee.  Being 11.5 inches away from the board edge I thought I would be fine, but no I rolled a 12.  And that was the game.  But the Mournfang did get a successful charge on a 24 mini Lizardman unit and basically wiped them out. 
Mournfangs are definitely an auto-take for me.

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Thanks and good gaming!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Upcoming Blog topics

For the most part, the next few topics will be on my OK army.  There might be a pop-up blog here and there just a random post about what ever is happening right then.  But for the next 5-6 posts will revolve around my OK army and games that I have played.  Also, I will try and give tactics form my games, as in what worked and what didn't.  Who knows I may even throw up a batrep or 2 as well.

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Enjoy and happy gaming!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick Update of the Ogres

Quick update on the Ogres thus far. Here's the army thus far.  Everything is primed with the exception of Greasus, all the standard bearers, Butcher, Firebelly, Mournfangs and the Scraplauncher.  But its a start.
The army consists of 4 Mournfang, 4 Leadbelchers, Greasus Goldtooth The OverTyrant, 1 Scrap Launcher, 1 Firebelly, 1 Tyrant, 1 Butcher, 5 Ironguts, 16 Ogres, 3 Standard Bearers, 1 BSB, (not Pictured) 3 Maneaters, 24 Gnoblars.

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Thanks for reading and Happy gaming!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New bag coming!!

Not that anyone really cares but I now have a new bag coming for the Blood Angels!! I am excited and I know the spousal unit is, so now they will have their own home instead of the priority boxes I have been storing them in.  Unfortunately, it didn't come from Battlefoam.  Sorry Romie.  But I do have a WarMachine Battlefoam bag, I am quite happy with it, plenty of room for all the minis and templates and markers and such!  Also, thanks for the all the views, I am quite shocked that there have been this many in just 7 days.  Also, if you like what you see or don't, post a comment and follow the blog.  One last thing, if there is something you'd like to know or see me post about then leave a comment and will try to do my best to follow through.
Thanks for reading and good gaming!!