Sunday, February 19, 2017

The second in a series of book reviews that I am calling, "A try at something different."  So far it has given me a reason to tackle to huge amount of books that I have acquired over the years.  So here goes the next installment.

This time around I have selected a Greyhawk classic, The Temple of Elemental Evil, by Thomas M. Reid.  I enjoyed playing the scenario several years, so it was a no brainer when I was looking for a book to read and review.

I enjoyed reading it immensely.  The story follows almost to a T the scenario in most aspects.  Though, I didn't think the story was going to end the way it did.  About half way through, I could see it ending a completely different way.  I wont spoil the place where I thought it would turn different but it should be somewhat obvious.

"An elven wizard on a quest for vengeance... A knight on a holy crusade... A young druid fighting to preserve her homeland... A rogue repaying an old debt... and a band of warriors just trying to get out alive..."

"A foul demon struggling to escape her prison... A power hungry demigod plotting to bend her to his will... A sadistic priest waking a slumbering evil... and the Spider Queen weaves her webs around them all...

"Join in the adventure as these heroes and villains clash in the darkest pit of despair in all the lands---
The Temple of Elemental Evil"

I highly recommend this one, it ranks in my top 10 of fantasy titles that I have read.

Until next time, thanks for reading, have fun and Happy gaming!!