Friday, December 30, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms!!

Well, I am finally getting around to painting the big guys. To this point I have them primed. And will start the actual painting process tomorrow after work and on Saturday. Hope to have pics at the various stages but we'll see.
I'm also going to put some things Id like to accomplish with the Ogres while I am playing them. More for S and G than anything else.  I will update these as soon as they are accomplished.  They will be noted by the 'XX' and will give a brief description of how it was accomplished.  For the in game ones, they may become a separate blog post.

Ogre Achievements

XX1. Getting Started - Play a game of warhammer using the new ogre book (played 1st game today v. Lizardmen)
2. Going Large - Play a game of warhammer of over 2000 points using the new ogre book
3. Brace for impact! - During a game, an ogre unit successfully charges and rolls 10+ on the dice
4. I'm in charge! - play a game with the new book using a tyrant in your army
5. Incoming! - during a game, lose at least 3 ogres to a single war machine shot
6. look what we can do! - have a mornfang rider successfully parry an attack
XX7. Oooo, shiny! - buy one of the models new to the ogre range (Firebelly, Butcher and 4 Mournfang [all from Chaos Orc])
8. That's huge! - build a stonehorn or thundertusk model
9. Sigh! - lose more than 3 ogres to any one casting of a spell that involved you taking an initiative test as part of it's resolution
10. I didn't mean it lads - lose a spellcaster to the "snake eyes" effect of grut's sickle
11. Boom! Hur, Hur, Hur - field a unit of 5+ leadbelchers and shoot with them at least 4 times in a single game.
12. Say hello to my little friend! - field an ironblaster in your army
13. Still loving it - play 5 games using the new book rules
14. Crush the thinlings - take a new book ogre army to a tournament
15. getting colder - field a thundertusk OR a unit of yhettees in your army
16. it's freezing! - field more than one thunder tusk AND a unit of yhettees in your army
XX17. Getting warmer! - field a firebelly in your army (Unimpressive got 1 spell off and that was all)
18. Hot! Hot! - field more than one firebelly in your army
19. Unleash Hell! - field 2 scraplaunchers and 2 iron blasters in your army
20. One for the cauldron - paint an ogre model and post it on the forum
21. Paint a unit of ogres
22. Here Kitty! - field 1 or more lone sabretusks in your army
23. Win a game using ogres vs. beastmen.
24. Win a game using ogres vs. Dwarfs
25. Does this taste funny to you? - Win a game using ogres vs. Daemons of chaos
26. Win a game using ogres vs. High elves
27. Win a game using ogres vs. Wood elves
28. Win a game using ogres vs. Dark elves
29. franzfurters - Win a game using ogres vs. Empire
30. Tastes like chicken - Win a game using ogres vs. Lizardmen
31. Stake Out - Win a game using ogres vs. Vampire counts
32. Past their sell-by date - win a game using ogres vs. Tomb kings
33. Eat your greens - Win a game using ogres vs. orcs and goblins
34. Win a game using ogres vs. Warriors of chaos
35. Overtyrant - win a game using ogres vs. Ogres
36. Tinned food - win a game using ogres vs. Bretonnia
37. Rats! - win a game using ogres vs. Skaven
38. Convert one of the new range of ogre models
39. Oops! - destroy either a scraplauncher or an ironblaster with a misfire
40. We don't bicker! - field an army containing 4+ units of gnoblars
41. No auto-wounds for you! - have a butcher or slaughtermaster get hit with a poisoned attack
XX42. What that coming over the hill? - field a unit of 4+ mornfangs (4 unit of Mounrnfang caused 16 wounds and ran down unit of Lizardmen, auto-take)
43. Now you see me - field a unit of scouting maneaters
44. Hunger! - field 3 gorgers in an army
45. Hahahaha! - kill 3+ models in a single use of the gnoblar trappers rule.
46. Fork in the eye! - kill an enemy character with a scraplauncher killing blow
47. I'm special - field any one of the ogre special characters in your army
48. The maw! - successfully use the large template version of the maw spell to kill an enemy model
49. the maw the merrier! - have the large template version of the maw spell roll a misfire and kill one or more of your ogres.
50. Oh no you don't - use the greedy fist item to consume the magical properties of a weapon
51. I Heart you - use the hellheart to cause miscasts in 2+ enemy wizards in one use.
52. hole is where the heart is - cause an enemy wizard to dimensional cascade and go down a hole using the hellheart.
53. Its mine, MINE! - use the gnoblar Thiefstone to steal an item from an enemy character.
54. Just the lads - field an army containing ONLY ogres, no animals, gnoblars, etc.
55. You can't touch this - pass a 4+ ward vs flaming with a firebelly.
XX56. Start a paint blog for your ogre army (Duh)
57. Update pics into your ogre paint blog on at least 4 seperate occasions.
58. Use the thunder mace in a game to kill 10+ models with thunder crush attacks (does not have to be all in one attack)
59. Why do I bother? - lose 3 games in a row with your ogre army
60. Overpowered! - win 3 games in a row with your ogre army.
61. That's no place for a hatchet - roll a 2 on the scraplauncher misfire chart
62. Jugger! - roll a 10+ when successfully charging with a stone horn
63. Re-roll this! - subject 3+ high elf units to numbing chill in the same combat phase
64. Oh shi-! - Have a slaughermaster or butcher die from rolling a 1 on Bloodgruel.
65. Seigebroken - Hit a building with Seigebreaker.
66. OH GOD MY FACE! - Kill an enemy character with the chaintrap from the Thundertusk.
67. Dancing On Sunshine -. Have a character pass his Initative test from being hit by Purple Sun
68. Sunburned - Kill an Ogre with a Purple Sun that YOU cast.
69. Why Can't I Hold All These Items? - Roll 120pts for Golgfag magic item allowance.
70. Buffy The Ogre Caster - Have all of your Slaughtermasters spells be augments.
71. It's Rude To Bragg - Have Bragg kill a Large Target in a challenge.
72. WHAT THE FU-BOOOM! - Destroy an enemy model with an Ironblaster misfire.
73. Soups on! - Have Skrag kill enough models to unlock all of his special rules in one game
74. Crusher - play 10 games with the new ogre book
75. Bruiser - play 20 games with the new ogre book
76. Tyrant - play 50 games with the new ogre book
77. Maneater - play with the new ogre book in 5 different venues
78. ker-splat! - kill an enemy unit with just your impact hits alone.
XX79. Box clever - construct, buy or convert a new carry case for your ogre army (awesome deal on Btown for 2 GW cases)
80. Altered beast power up! - boost every unit in your army with a single augment from the lore of the great maw
81. ...and you play Ogres!? - Have more war machine weapons in your army than your opponent.
82. Small, but many -have a gnoblar horde break an enemy unit.
83. We're all there - have a unit of at least 12 ogres get into the enemy deployment zone with no casualties taken.
84. My horde is bigger then yours - have an ogre horde break an enemy horde.
85. So much power lost - have an ogre unit roll 10 or more and still fail a charge.
86. Rambo or Conan? - have a lone ogre lose a combat but pass his break test.
87. You call that a club?.... THIS is a club - cause 6 S10's with Siegebreaker on a unit occupying a building.
88. Ogre zoo - Paint at least one of the Stonehorn, Thundertusk, Mournfang and Sabretusk models.
89. She's a Maaaaaneater! - paint the female Maneater model.
90. They're not bloody Eagles you know! - Run a Hunter in a unit of 5 or more Sabretusks.
91. But they're soooo cute! - Fill your whole core with Gnoblars.
92. Bird brained - kill an enemy model with a hunter's blood vulture.
93. Timber! - lose an ogre when a giant (yours or your opponent's) falls on one of your units.
94. Thinling roast! - kill 5 enemy models with a single firebelly breath weapon blast
95. Cats paw - Kill a skaven weapon team with a sabretusk
96. Halitosis - use 3 breath weapon attacks in a single game.
97. Billy no-mates - field an army with only 1 character in it. He cannot deploy in a unit or join one. Bonus if he survives the game.
98. Steady now! - Use freehand to paint a banner for an ogre unit
XX99. Da lads! - post a pic of your entire army on the forum in your ogre paint blog. (a primed pic counts ;))
100. Feast master - place 1st, or best in race, at a tournament.
101. Brrrr! - field more than one thundertusk in your army OR more than one unit of yhettees in your army
Thanks for reading and good gaming!!

First Blog

Hey guys and the occasional gal,
My first post is going to detail what I hope to do with and in this blog.  First off, I hope to go over the various games that I play.  Mostly mini-war games, but an occasional RPG thrown in as well. 
I play 40k and WHFB.  I have a few armies from WarMachine have yet to play any games with them.  I am also a demo guy for CraftyGames, makers of FantasyCraft, SpyCraft, and the new release the MistBorn Adventure Game.
I think my first actual blog entry will be about my Ogre Kingdoms army.  I got an awesome deal on them, and mostly from friends for my B-day back in July.  I am really pumped about playing them since the releases of the new book.  They were intended to be my first WHFB army just do to the fact of the small amount of minis that I would have to paint. 

But the games store we were playing at at the time didn't have any in stock but had a decent amount of Empire and a few of the regulars said they were a decent army and pretty forgiving for a new the Empire turned out to be my first army.  I took them to 'Ardboyz this past year and ended up taking 4th, nothing great but I was pretty satisfied with how they fought.
And at times within this blog I will tend to ramble about whatever it is that I have happen to be talking about at the time so there's the fair warning.
Well thanks for stopping by and good gaming!!