Friday, December 30, 2011

First Blog

Hey guys and the occasional gal,
My first post is going to detail what I hope to do with and in this blog.  First off, I hope to go over the various games that I play.  Mostly mini-war games, but an occasional RPG thrown in as well. 
I play 40k and WHFB.  I have a few armies from WarMachine have yet to play any games with them.  I am also a demo guy for CraftyGames, makers of FantasyCraft, SpyCraft, and the new release the MistBorn Adventure Game.
I think my first actual blog entry will be about my Ogre Kingdoms army.  I got an awesome deal on them, and mostly from friends for my B-day back in July.  I am really pumped about playing them since the releases of the new book.  They were intended to be my first WHFB army just do to the fact of the small amount of minis that I would have to paint. 

But the games store we were playing at at the time didn't have any in stock but had a decent amount of Empire and a few of the regulars said they were a decent army and pretty forgiving for a new the Empire turned out to be my first army.  I took them to 'Ardboyz this past year and ended up taking 4th, nothing great but I was pretty satisfied with how they fought.
And at times within this blog I will tend to ramble about whatever it is that I have happen to be talking about at the time so there's the fair warning.
Well thanks for stopping by and good gaming!!

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