Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Game with the New OK

I had my first game my OK, this weekend.  It didn't end as well as hoped but I learned somethings and had a good time.  It was a 1750 game vs Lizardmen.  The scenario was Blood and Glory.  Basically, everything revolved around one turn of shooting by a Salamander. It shot into my unit with my Firebelly and 8 Ogres which caused them to run due to a failed Leadership roll.  The running unit ran into 2 other units, 1 unit of 8 Ogres and my block of 6 Ironguts with Butcher as general.  And then both of those had to take leadership tests due to the unit running into them and panicking within 12 inches.  Needless to say the other 2 units failed as well and the unit of 8 Ogres ran off the board. But the Butcher unit managed to reform the next round.  Until it was charged by an Ancient Stegodon.  And rather than standing and taking the punishment, I decided to flee.  Being 11.5 inches away from the board edge I thought I would be fine, but no I rolled a 12.  And that was the game.  But the Mournfang did get a successful charge on a 24 mini Lizardman unit and basically wiped them out. 
Mournfangs are definitely an auto-take for me.

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Thanks and good gaming!!

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