Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sorry for the delay, got busy with Thanksgiving and all.  But it doesn't look like I will make this month's hobby challenge.  I got busy painting a few things for Christmas gifts, and making a few Origami projects for my Mom for Christmas.  But I guess I still got some hobby stuff finished.  I will include the link I used for the Origami project.

But unless I am mistaken I will be getting the 3ed of Flames of War starter set for Christmas.  So I have been on a bit of a WW2 kick as of late.  I found a memoir of a 101st Airborne Serviceman from WW2 at my local used bookstore, and have been reading it to no end.  Its not a very big book but very in depth and from personal notes and letters. Its been very interesting and entertaining to say the least.  Also, I have been watching a lot of WW2 stuff on Netflix, just about anything I can find I have watched.  I know my instant que has been growing with new arrivals.  And slowly the que has been shrinking too.

So need less to say, I will be focusing on the FoW minis after Christmas, if I get them. So I guess the Ogres might have to wait a little to get completed.  I really want to get them finished as an army but I just cant get motivated on them at the moment.

Update on the Orcs and Goblins army I mentioned last couple of threads, doesn't look like they will be the next WHFB army for me, the deal apparently has fell through, since I have not heard from the other party in about 3 weeks.  So my Blood Angels army is back on the block if anyone is interested.  I can post a list if there is interest in it.

Well until next time, thanks for stopping by and reading, and  Good Gaming!!

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