Friday, November 30, 2012

Hey guys,
  Nothing new to report in terms of hobby, but do have a few things to talk about.  As some of you know, I don't like the new 6th ed rules for 40k.  No biggie, I am not going to hurt GW's sales forecast by not buying anything new.  And I am not going to bash the rules or the game, I have met a lot of good friends due to the game and had lots of fun playing it.

But after much thought and deliberation I am going to give up the game for good.  Now what to do with my armies?? I have a decent sized force of Blood Angels, which was a pretty stout list in 5th, and a nearly huge CSM army which was my first army when I got into the game.  The Blood Angels are definitely leaving either as a sale or as a trade, haven't decided where to post them and what I really want for them.  And a very small starting sized force of Orks. This leaves me with my CSM.  Every time I think about getting rid of them, I get them down to write up the inventory and start remembering past games and all the fun I had playing them which leads to me putting them back up on the shelf until the next time.

So I am at a crossroads, I know I will prolly never play them again but still want to keep them for old times sake.  Which makes no sense, when I could at least get something for them either in trade or $$.  I did manage to thin the ranks of them a little back over the summer when I sold some of things I never used anyway, like 2 Landraiders and the CSM termies (never liked the sculpts and had plans of chaosifying some normal termies).

If I go the $$ route and sell the armies, then what?  I will just end spending the $$ on something prolly bills, and have nothing show for it.  If I go the trade route, then what do I want and really need?  I mean I have a decent sized OK army for Fantasy,  a Menoth, Khador, Legion and Circle armies for WM/H, and it appears that I will be getting the Flames of War starter set for Christmas, so do I try and trade for things to expand those or try to get a new army for Fantasy or even try some new game system (which I don't need much less have the time for or extra $$ to start some system).  Or do I try and get more board games, which do actually get used form time to time via family game nights and at friend's houses.  I just don't know what to do.

And then the way out there scenario, what if when 7th ed comes out, I happen to like those rules?  Do I keep the CSM for that and just start over?  I doubt that I will start over anyway, when I quit something it tends to be for good.  I mean I used to have a complete library of BattleTech books and several 100s of minis, and then things happened and I sold them all.

I don't really know what to do, other than I doubt I will ever play 40k again, but not sure that I want to get rid of my CSM, which are just taking up space.  Any ideas or comments would be helpful.

Don't really know if this is a blog post or actually a vent, if you will.  Not a vent in terms of ranting and raving but just getting a few things out and off my chest.  But whatever it is, at least now I will have possible prizes for the current contest and future ones.

Thanks for reading and don't forget about the contest, the rules are mentioned in a post about the beginning on November.  Also, don't forget to subscribe if you want and post a comment or 3.
Good Gaming!!


  1. Keep the CSM. Surely they don't take up that much space, and can find a home in a closet or under a bed somewhere. In a few years you may change your mind, or find/form a group that plays an edition or alternate rule set you like. Keep them, break them out every year or so to look at and remember past glories. Maybe even use them just as a painting project, or to try things out on. You like them, they seem to bring you happiness even when you're not using them to play new games; keep them.

  2. I'm still sad when I think of most of the armies I've sold. Keep 'em.