Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well another week is done so another post is here.  Someone mentioned about my con schedule from this past year as a possible topic, so guess what this week's topic is?

Well, this year's schedule was one of the best one's I have had in sometime.  It started with a couple of online only cons via Infrno.  Would strongly suggest you guys check them out and sign up for an account.  Its a great gaming site, with several games going on every night.  Its been growing quite rapidly for the past few years with more upgrades and such on the way.

Infrno has Infrnocon, a few times a year.  Which is pretty easy since its online only.  But I had a great time running a few games of the Mistborn Adventure Game, based on Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy.  All of my games filled up rather quickly, which surprised me since it was online.

After the first Infrnocon, I went to a semi-local con called Forge in Lexington, KY back in May.  Unfortunately Forge will not be back next year, no idea as to why really it was a very good 1st year con, and paid for its self half way through the first day with pre-regs and walk ups.   But oh well.

Then in August was the daddy of them all, Gencon.  Quite possibly the best time a gamer can have by running and working in the booth without even getting to play anything.  Oh by the way, I am a demo guy for CraftyGames.  I will put a link to their site at the end if anyone is interested.  I basically run Mistborn for them along with one other Crafty guy.  Had 3 games this year and all sold out within the first hour of going live.  Was very excited about this when I heard.   The highlight to this year's Gencon for me was getting to meet Brandon Sanderson and getting him to sign all my MB books.  I admit I am a bit of a fanboy of the Mistborn property.  But oh well, it gets me to go to Gencon for free.   Gencon next year will be August 15-18, hope to some of you there.

Next year's tentative schedule is for Gencon again and MAYBE one more con.  But I am really hoping I will get to go to WaaPaca in Wisconsin next year or BITS near Chicago.  But if not it will happen in the future sometime.

Real quick hobby update, finally have everything assembled for this month's challenge.  Now just to get painting.  Most of my painting time will be starting Thanksgiving evening when the wife and girls start their annual Black Friday sale spree.  It usually lasts until sometime late Friday night.  So just means more paint/hobby time for me.

I really need to get cracking on those Ogres and get them finished.   I have a new Fantasy army coming soon...

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment if you want.  One last thing, don't forget about the contest that runs through the end of 2012.

Good Gaming!!


  1. Brandon Sanderson has done a great job with taking over the Wheel of Time books. he does Robert Jordan proud.

    1. I will have to take your word on that. I wanted to start WoT a long time ago but never could get past the "Tome" length of the books. And definitely not now since there are 12ish of those Tomes. But Brandon was hand picked by Robert before his passing.

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