Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A try at something new...

A new thing that I am going to try and do on the blog is once a month or so I plan on putting up a book review more than likely a novel at least somewhat hobby related, ie Star Wars, D and D, etc.  Luckily, I have a few books that I have already read so there is at least a bank of ready to go reviews.

First off I think I will go with the Star Wars novel of Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn.  I haven't enjoyed a book in a very long time and this was it.  It is what I had always pictured Han and Lando being outside of space, ie on the ground.  Anything you can imagine of Han doing in space, just picture it on land, not flying but smuggling, thieving and breaking and entry.  It was classic.  They assembled their crew, not all goes according to plan and even some dissension among the ranks, but man it was a great read.

I was warned, which I will also pass along to you, DO NOT READ THE LAST PAGE UNTIL YOU GET THERE!!!!  If you do, it will ruin the book, you'll see why once you get there.  But just wait until you get there, it will be worth it.

The first picture is the main cover, the bottom one is the LE cover.  Also, if you plan on purchasing this one, get the one with the 'prequel' in it.  The prequel will give some background information on the group.  It helped with knowing a little more about who is who.

Well, until next time, Have fun and Good Gaming!!!

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