Sunday, January 27, 2013

Contest Winner and Loot

Well the contest has come and gone, with Narceron being the winner!!  The way I did the choosing was I took all the subscribers and assigned them a number based on when they became subscribers.  Then went to and got the number.  Easy as that.

Now to see what the loot is.  I contacted Narceron to see what he played, and turns out he did play an army that I had stuff for.  So with out further wait, here's the loot.

All I ask is that you not sell it.  If you cant use it or dont want it then give it away to a new player that's thinking about getting into the game and hobby.

Yes, a bunch of Orks stuff for 40k. Some is 3rd edition stuff but Orks is Orks and free is free.  The new contest will be announced in a few months.

Thanks for reading, spread the word about the blog.  Good Gaming!!

1 comment:

  1. A very generous prize for which I am grateful. Prophet is a great guy and while I'm sad to see his 40k playing take a siesta, I do look forward to smashing him in Warhammer Fantasy and possible warmahordes!

    As for the orks, never fear, in all my years I've only gotten rid of any orks one time. I traded 60 AOBR orks for 60 cadians and I've regretted it everyday :) These guys have their forever home as part of my desert waaaghhH!